Annual What I Watched (2021)

I watched a lot of TV in 2021…way more than I ever have. Typically I choose reading over watching TV, but last year I couldn’t get into books. Eventually I succumbed to watching whatever I wanted, which amounted to 87 shows, movies, and documentaries. That number makes me feel πŸ₯΄, but I may as well put it to use and share what I loved, liked, and wish I’d skipped.

πŸ’• Love it
⭐ Like it
🚫 Skip it

TV Shows (Unscripted)

Handmaid’s Tale ⭐
iZombie πŸ’•
Sick Note 🚫
The Duchess ⭐
The I-Land πŸ’•
Space Force 🚫
Maid πŸ’•
Master of None β›”
Supernatural πŸ’•
Wentworth πŸ’•
Schitt’s Creek πŸ’•
Sex Education ⭐
An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts 🚫
In the DarkπŸ’•
Emily in Paris ⭐
Are You Afraid of the Dark? ⭐
The Baby-Sitters Club πŸ’•
Squid Game ⭐
Charmed πŸ’•
Why Are You Like This 🚫
Crashing 🚫
Feel Good ⭐
Stateless πŸ’•
Girlboss 🚫
Sisters 🚫
Dash & Lily ⭐
The Letdown ⭐
Special πŸ’•
Russian Doll ⭐
Trinkets πŸ’•
New Girl ⭐
Never Have I Ever πŸ’•
Workin’ Moms ⭐
Atypical πŸ’•
Criminal Minds πŸ’•
Kim’s Convenience πŸ’•
Pose πŸ’•
I Am Not Okay With This 🚫
Unorthodox ⭐


Someone Great 🚫
Mixtape πŸ’•
Lady Bird πŸ’•
Carrie Pilby ⭐
Love Hard ⭐
Five Feet Apart ⭐

TV Shows (Reality/Scripted)

Selling Tampa ⭐
Swap Shop ⭐
The Great British Baking Show πŸ’•
Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo 🚫
Love Is Blind 🚫
The Circle ⭐
Get Organized with The Home Edit 🚫
Sexy Beasts 🚫
Love on the Spectrum πŸ’•
Indian Matchmaking ⭐
The Repair Shop πŸ’•
Afflicted 🚫


Brene Brown: The Call to Courage ⭐
The Claudia Kishi Club πŸ’•
Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: Schitt’s Creek ⭐
Britney Vs Spears ⭐
How to Fix a Drug Scandal πŸ’•
A Secret Love ⭐
Murder Among the Mormons 🚫
I Am a Killer: Released 🚫
Lorena, Light-Footed Woman πŸ’•
Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts ⭐
American Murder: The Family Next Door ⭐
Period. End of Sentence. πŸ’•
Found πŸ’•
Heroin(e) ⭐
Misha and the Wolves ⭐
Unrest ⭐
The Social Dilemma 🚫
Why Did You Kill Me? πŸ’•
The Great Hack ⭐
This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist πŸ’•
Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art πŸ’•
The Rachel Divide ⭐
Coded Bias ⭐
Mercury 13 πŸ’•
Trial By Media 🚫
Audrie and Daisy ⭐
Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer ⭐
The Bleeding Edge πŸ’•
Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan ⭐

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